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Esthetics By Jocelyn Immersion Bath Salts 16 oz bags

Description: Immerse yourself in the bath or foot soak with the relaxing scent of Lavender & Cedarwood.

Made with Epson and Himalayan pink salt.

Immersion Bath Salts

Excluding GST/HST
  • Epson Salts- did you know Epson salt is not actually a salt? It is a naturally occurring pure mineral compound of magnesium & sulfate which are amazing to detoxing the body

    Himalayan Salt- Himalayan salts in the tub can temporarily increase blood circulation, improve sleep-using the process of dermal absorption while our skin soaks up the minerals & trace elements such as calcium, zinc & iron to name few. 

    Lavender essential oil- has many healing and cleansing properties to help with stress

    Cedarwood essential oils- not only has a wonderful scent of the outdoors but is also has anti-inflammatory properties! 

     A wee bit of Cornflower Fireworks-Blue chai pure organic pedals. This blend is beautiful with its vibrant colours & helps soothes the skin which I thought was perfect in conjunction with the lavender essential oil. 

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